Several Job Potential Customers For A Graduate Of Architecture

Overview of Department of Architecture. In general, architecture is the art and technology in designing or developing buildings. Vitruvius in his book De Architectura (the oldest written resource on architecture) states that a building must have aesthetic value (venustas), power (firmity) and utility / function (utility). An architect (someone who deals in the field of architecture) should apply a stability between these three elements in the setting up that he designed. To design a building, relating to Vitruvius, an architect is equipped with the ability of mathematics, science, fine art, technology, humanities and so forth. Such knowledge is important to enrich and be a source of inspiration for the architect.

Preparation of Architecture candidates

“Why do I choose architecture majors?”, This issue is a question that must be answered by a potential college student majoring in architecture, because to study in this division a prospective student must have passion and like of the universe of architecture. Be sure you have a like, if not love, then the love plants, if not really, then choose another university majors before you waste materials your time for something that does not interest you.

Persistence is born of great curiosity and love of a thing. Should you be really interested in the universe of architecture, automatic perseverance will accompany it. Persistence will give birth to a very important function in this professional universe. Be prepared for less time to sleep.

Perception of space
Because architecture talks about building, then it will not end up being separated from our spatial perception. College students of architecture must have a good perception of space, each and every time an architect draws a range in his picture, in that case he should be able to imagine how that range will appear in his real, three dimensional form.

Visual memory
This visual memory can be referred to as inspiration. In essence, every human factor is a imitation of everything in characteristics. The imitation is followed by the creativity of the human being in order to produce something new with regards to shape, color, texture and so forth. Similarly in the field of architecture. Therefore, to produce a new, different, and one of a kind product, an architecture college student must have rich visual memory space. To enrich this visual memory can be carried out by learning as much as possible the existing architectural works, and as much as possible to walk around and look around.

Ability to draw
Absolute drawing skills must be owned by an architect, but, should you be not good at drawing, do not jump back. Should you be happy with the universe of architecture would be willing to diligent and hard work as previously mentioned above. One software is perseverance and hard work to learn to draw. Do not be afraid can not, many other people’s experience demonstrates drawing ability is very honed, with hard work diligence, in not too long you can learn this capability. To draw, do not forget to provide enough equipment.

College students majoring in architecture nonetheless get general lectures such as Religious beliefs, Citizenship, Pancasila, Mathematics and English. For architectural particular subjects such as Intro to architecture, Architectural Drawing, Architecture Ecology, Aesthetics of Contact form, engineering mechanics, computer foundation, Architecture Style Studio, Architectural Communication Approach, Structure and Building Structure and so forth. The architecture department likewise studies other related fields such as landscape architecture, soil framework, environmental control and structures and others. The classes may vary from university to university.

Job prospects Division of Architecture
Some professional fields, architecture majors generate graduates of professionals in the field of architecture. But to have the ability to work as a professional architect, a graduate majoring in architecture must go to a professional education program (generally one year). If not taking occupation, graduates majoring in architecture can become assistant architects at architectural consulting company. An architect can also market his work through the online world. In general, the job potential customers of architecture majors are very large, considering the human need for buildings continues to increase as the amount of people continues to increase.

There are several job potential customers for a graduate of architecture. Here are a few of them:

Consultant Architects Mandiri
Graduates majoring in architecture can work independently or freelance. The product can be in the form of design, can also play a role in the development stage of the design.